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Sofia was born in Athens, Greece.

She studied Art History and Economics at the American College of Greece, B.A. and did Post graduate studies at Birmingham University M.A. in History.

She also took ceramic lessons at Gianna Persaki's, painter and ceramist, studio.

Later on she has attended ceramic classes at Christina Morali's "Creative Workshop".

She has worked for over twenty years at a renowned multinational company, in Marketing and Public Relations.

Since 2010 she is an associate member of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain.


With a minimal aesthetic approach, she draws inspiration from nature and the colour spectrum around us. She experiments with different techniques, producing both functional and decorative pieces.

Working mostly with stoneware clay fired up to 1260 °C, she explores both unconventional forms and objects with clean cut lines.

“I am fascinated by clay for …

        Clay is an inspiring material     

        Clay can be both strong and fluid

        Clay is a material that guides your hands to create your thoughts"


During the last years she explores methods in making and transforming the materials she is using for her ceramics.

At the same time she attends Creative Writing Seminars.       

In November 2018, she published her first collection of poems under the title,

“One Blue-Colored Love”, by Gavriilides Editions.

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